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Spring 2017 Golf Chatter

Winter was a gift from Mother Nature.  Very little snow and warmer temperatures.  The golf course is greening up and Doug and Tom have been busy working on drainage and tree removal along with servicing all golf course equipment.  They have done a great job.  We have black top grindings so we will be repairing cart paths that are in dire need of repairs.  Doug is going to work on fairways and tees to apply fertilizer and crabgrass preventative.  The crabgrass preventor is a two stage application.  The second stage will be applied in May.  We did apply the preventative last year but it will take several years to remove most of the crabgrass.  We have some new equipment which will help our cutting and course maintenance.  We hope to make Hoosier Links one of the best maintained courses in the Tri-State. We know with Doug and Tom & crew at the helm it will be!  Dianne has the calendar started to the left so if you have an outing you want to book please let her know quickly as days are filling fast.  Some good news... The Milan Dam  is finished and our water supply has been saved! Thank God!!  The Black Tee has been renamed and is now called "The Dean Prowse Black Tee Tour"  In case you are unaware, Dean lost his battle with cancer and passed this winter.  We miss you Deano!  Hope everyone is ready for a great golfing year.

Dan Peters, PGA

Clubhouse News

I can't wait to get out and play some golf and I bet you are ready also.  Rachealle Hall is doing a fantastic job running Divot's and Teri Stites is also doing a great job with the pro shop.  we are so grateful for the jobs they are doing.  So far we have no new faces for either place as we have great people working for us.  Thanks ladies and gentlemen for your great work.  As Dan mentioned, we are going to fix up the cart paths with blacktop grindings that will melt in the hot sun and be just like blacktop.  We have investigated using limestone gravel but to do all paths it would cost about $12,000 and that doesn't include labor and equipment to spread it.  We feel that kind of money needs to go into the golf course and equipment.  Also as he mentioned, the fairways look like nothing has been done to rid the crabgrass.  This isn't the case. Doug is utilizing a program that takes several years to be truly effective and is very expensive, but we feel it is worth it.  Thank you all for your continued support.  We would be nothing without you!

​Dianne Peters


Mar   28   6:30 pm     Ladies League Dinner Meeting

         29   6:30 pm     Men's Association Meeting 

April    1   12:00 pm    Spring Opener/9 hole Scramble - see newsletter for details

          3    5:30 pm     Mens League begins - members & public welcome

          4   10:00 am    Senior Scramble League begins  - members & public welcome

          4    5:30 pm    Ladies League begins - members & public welcome

          5    5:30 pm    Mens League begins - members & public welcome

          6    9:30 am    Thursday Ladies League - members & public welcome

          6   10:00 am    Senior Scramble League

          7    6:00 pm    Couples Scramble League begins - members & public welcome

          9     9:00 am    Black Tee I (Tour I) - all members & their guest welcome

        20      5:30 pm     Holton Group League - members & public welcome

        30     9:00 am     Black Tee II (Tour 1) - all men members & their guest welcome 

May     6   8:00 am      Callaway /ASG Foundation (Mooch Callaway 812-584-2150)

         13   8:30 am     SD Sluggers Tournament (Amber Probst 812-926-7633)

         14   8:00 am     Black Tee III (Tour 1) - all men members & their guest welcome

         20   9:00 am      Versailles Kiwanis (Scott Meisberger 812-689-5776)

          21    9:00 am     Black Tee IV (Tour 1) - all men members & their guest welcome

         24   8:00 am     Ripley Chamber (Amy Thomas 812-689-6654)

         27   9:00 am      NDCC Scholarship Fund (Debbie Zimmer 513-407-0455)

         28   8:00 am     Friends of Milan Football Scramble (Dawn Lewis 812-623-2981)

June    3   8:00 am     SE IN Shriners (Tom Deville 812-655-2148)

          4   8:00 am     Men's Spring Calcutta - details posted in Pro Shop

         10  8:00 am     Tri Kappa (Elaine Cook 812-689-5568)

         11  8:00 am     Relay for Life (Doug Pyles 812-532-0222)

         17   8:00 am     Bright Lions (Art Little 812-637-1258)

         24  8:00 am     Pup Open (Ernie Johnson 812-584-2882)

         25  9:00 am     Black Tee I (Tour II) - all men members & their guest welcome  


July      2   9:00 am     Black Tee II (Tour I) - all men members & their guest welcome

      **8   8:00 am     Lauren Hill Memorial Tournament(Mooch Callaway 812-537-2446)

       *15   8:00 am     Dickie Dowers Memorial Scholarship (Larry Schuler 859-206-1624)

         16   9:00 am     Men's Club Championship - details to be posted

         23   9:00 am     Men's Club Championship Continued - details posted in Pro Shop

      * 29   8:00 am     Dillsboro SAL (Doug Kinnett 513-404-2440)

         30   9:00 am     Black Tee III (Tour I) - all men members & their guest welcome

Aug  ​* 5   8:00 am     Tiger Open (Doug Kinnett 513-404-2440)

          6   9:00 am      Men's Shoot Out - details posted in Pro Shop

        10   6:00 pm      Mexican Scramble - details posted in Pro Shop

        12   8:00 am      A & S Open (Dave Bishoff 812-623-3748)

        13   9:00 am      Black Tee IV (Tour I) - all men members & their guest welcome

    **19   8:00 am      Anchor Glass (Mark Stromske 812-744-2424)

    **19   1:00 pm      Dillsboro Legion (Kim Spangler 812-432-5502)

        26   8:00 am      Milan Scholarship Scramber (Ray Baurely 812-654-3912)

        27   9:00 am      Black Tee I (Tour II) - all men members & their guest welcome


Sept  *9   8:00 am      Callaway /Relay For Life (Mooch Callaway 812-584-2150)

        10   8:00 am      Milan Basketball Scramble (Josh Blankenship 812-654-3096)

    *  16   8:00 am      Jeff Poole Group Tourney (Jeff Poole 812-654-1919/654-2968)

          17   9:00 am    Black Tee II (Tour II) - all men members & their guest welcome

        23   8:00 am      Michael Marine Memorial (Heather Strasemeier 813-926-3856)

        24   9:00 am      Men's Fall Calcutta - details posted in Pro Shop

Oct     1  10:00 am      Ryder Cub 10 am registration, 11 am tee off     

          8    9:00 am      Black Tee III (Tour II) - all men members & their guest welcome

         9   9:00 am      Black Tee IV (Tour II) - all men members & their guest welcome

          14   9:00 am       ForeKids Christmas Scramble (Chrystal Carson 513-260-8743)

Nov  25  12:00 pm     Chili Bowl 9 hole Scramble & Chili Bowl Cook-Off - details posted in Pro Shop

Dec   2  12:00 pm      Frosty Open 9 hole Scramble & Member Appreciation/Christmas Party - details posted in Pro Shop

Jan    6  11:00 am      Hangover Open 9 hole Scramble - details posted in Pro Shop

* course will be closed till 1 pm

​** course will be closed all day